The Hodgeman County High School Longhorns enacted some revenge on the Otis-Bison Cougars Friday night, beating them 42-16 to advance to the 8-Man Division II state championship.

The Longhorns will now play the Hanover Wildcats in Newton, Kansas Saturday. That game is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Nov. 25 at Newton-Fischer Field.

The Longhorns had lost 58-26 to the Cougars earlier this season.

“It was good,” Longhorns head coach Matt Housman said. “Obviously we’re very, very happy about it. We have a tough district and we had good wins against Sharon(Spring-Wallace County) and Dighton, and we won those when we were kind of beat up a little bit too and then Otis, we pry weren’t at our best that week.”

The Longhorns, in the weeks before the first game against Otis-Bison, knew they were already in the playoffs, so they took care to make sure some of their injured players didn’t aggravate those injuries.

“It was nice to get healthy and in the playoffs we improved,” Housman said.

To win this week, Housman said he thought the team used more formations than they had showed the Cougars earlier this season.

Now, the Housman said the team has weathered those injuries and is as healthy as it has been all season.

Both the kids and community are excited about the game now, Housman said.

“You’ve got the whole town painted up and windows and all that,” Housman said. “They’re very excited.”