It’s that time of year again and the Dodge City Salvation Army is once again getting things started in style.

The Kettle Kickoff is set for Wednesday at Dillons as the Salvation Army begins its annual fund raising activities with bell ringers and red kettle collections at area retail stores. The Kettle Kickoff is just at Dillons on Wednesday, with red kettles at other locations throughout Dodge City beginning on Friday.

"Fidelity State Bank will match whatever we receive on Wednesday," said Lt. Enrique Coreano of Dodge City Salvation Army. "We’re very fortunate that they’ve agreed to do this."

The event at Dillons will begin at noon with chocolate popcorn and hot chocolate offered to patrons of the grocery store on Wednesday. Hot dogs will be free donated by Dillons. Many of those ringing the bell on Wednesday will be members of the Salvation Army advisory board.

"Mayor Rick Sowers will speak," Coreano said. "The event is sponsored by Black Hills Energy and we will have Q97 broadcasting with a live remote.

"It’s just a way to get the season of giving a big kickoff."

Bell ringers are still needed for the upcoming fundraiser which benefits local people throughout the year. This year, there’s even a new way to sign up.

"We have a web site,, where you can sign up, find Dodge City and schedule a time to ring," Lt. Christine Coreano said in a previous story. "It makes things easier for those who want to volunteer, but aren’t sure of their schedules.

"Plus, you can set up text reminders of when you are ringing and, if unable to do so, a way to text Lt. Enrique Coreano to let him know you can’t make it."

Those wishing to volunteer may also call the Salvation Army to schedule a time and location.

"Every dollar we raise in the red kettles goes to help local families," Christine Coreano said. "We really want to make sure people know this."

Enrique Coreano said the need for volunteers is near desperation.

"Of 1,820 volunteer hours of bell ringing, I have 334 filled," he said. "We understand Black Friday is often when people are out of town visiting relatives or going on shopping sprees, but if they could take 2 hours of time to help locals, we’d love to have them.

"This is also a good activity for a church or any other group who wants to help local families."


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