The Ford County Attorney's Office has been busy during the holiday season as several felony cases have been filed with their office in the past week.

According to Ford County Attorney Kevin Salzman, Tina Garrison, 40, has been charged with attempted aggravated arson and unlawful abuse of toxic vapors after her arrest on Nov. 22.

"The incident took place at 401 Longbranch," Salzman said. "There was not any damage or injuries due to the fire not taking place.

"It was alleged that Garrison was under the influence from having had huffed lighter fluid which is why she had been charged with unlawful abuse of toxic vapors."

The penalties for attempted aggravated arson is a severity level 5 felony and comes with a low end sentence of 31 months and a maximum of 136 months in the Department of Corrections.

The abuse of toxic vapors is a Class B misdemeanor and comes with a $1,000 fine or up to 6 months in jail depending on previous criminal history.

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