He didn’t know if he should become a teacher or go into construction but when Kris Moore graduated from Dodge City High School, all he knew was that he wanted to help others.

Now Moore can add nominee to his name as this years secondary level Kansas Teacher of the Year nomination was announced.

"To be recognized in this manner, for doing something good for our students, is a huge accomplishment for me," Moore said in a press release. "It is very rewarding.

"I have taught at the fourth grade level, taught K-2 summer school, and now teach 9-12 construction courses.

"I am also a dual credit instructor for Dodge City Community College in the construction technology courses."

Earning a teaching degree from Fort Hays State University and a master’s degree from Newman University, Moore was the first in his family to graduate from college.

Moore has been with the district for 14 years and his wife is also a kindergarten teacher at Linn Elementary School.

They have three children together.

"I find the most challenging part of teaching to be time," Moore said. "Things can often seem to be rushed due to the amount of things to teach versus the amount of time allowed."

According to Moore, the latest assignment he gave his class relates to his biggest reward as a teacher.

"The assignment is to report back," he said. "That’s when I get to see firsthand what they were able to accomplish. As educators, we are all involved but often times don’t get to see the end result. I do.

"Some report once, some report yearly.

"We have some very successful students."

According to DCHS principal Jacque Feist, as DCHS moves closer to the implementation of a Pathway Program, it was "only fitting" that a Career and Technical Education teacher be nominated for the honor.

"Mr. Moore has been one of the most outspoken supporters of our school moving in this direction to help students connect their high school educational experiences directly to future employment opportunities," Feist said in a press release. "As the building trades instructor, he is front and center in working with his students to not only demonstrate the work they do in building a home each year, but also to help his students realize the wide range of job opportunities available to them in the area of construction and design."

According to Moore, this nomination has to be his proudest moment as an educator, but it’s not the only one.

"Another thing I get to see every year is my students start our house project and 9 months later, they complete a finished project," he said. "The next day, they take their parents through the house and they are so proud of their child.

"It’s very rewarding."

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