When making your gift or donation lists, one group can tend to be overlooked; our senior citizens.

To help, the Ford County Volunteer Center is currently accepting donations for the Silver Tree program.

The Silver Tree program new unwrapped items as well as small gifts and necessities to be given to seniors for the holiday season.

"RSVP became involved as it is a cause that is dear to our hearts, local seniors, especially lonely ones at Christmas," said Debbie Allen, director of the Ford County Volunteer Center in a press release through the Dodge City Community College. "For a couple of years, we had a business that purchased poinsettia plants and we delivered those around town but when that stopped, we were looking to find another way and that’s when Silver Tree came on the scene."

Hogue adds that the types of donations being requested are: hats or gloves, flashlights, scarves, pajamas, slippers, blankets, puzzles, sugar-free candy, word searches, crossword puzzle books and handcrafted items.

"In addition to material goods, a donation of time, such as spending time working on a puzzle with a senior or taking a senior out for ice cream, would be very much appreciated," Allen said. "A call was made to see how RSVP could help.

"Cathy (Cox) and Andrea (Hogue) allowed us to join their effort.

The project has grown, so we now use a space in (Village Square) Mall, instead of their basement to collect, sort and wrap donations and it is the central point to load up Santa’s sled and deliver.

It is so heartwarming to see all those smiling faces, even a few tears from surprised, appreciative seniors."

According to the press release, seniors selected for the Silver Tree program are participants in the Meals on Wheels program, Southwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging and area senior living facilities, as well as those recommended by a friend or family member.

For more information or if you or anyone you know would like to recommend a senior to benefit from the Silver Tree program call  Hogue at 620-253-2806, Cox at 316-250-0035, or Allen at 620-255-1158.

Donations can be brought in to RSVP in lower level of Village Square Mall or the admissions office at Western Plains Regional Hospital.

They will be taking donations until Dec. 20.

To have donations picked up, contact Hogue.

To contact the writer email vmarshall@dodgeglobe.com