A Robert Lynn play will be coming to Dodge City as The Regifters, opens tonight starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Depot Theater.

According to director John Stuff, the Regifters starts off with one couple receiving a gift from some friends in Germany.

They have no idea what it is, so they regift it to a second couple. They too have no idea what it is and give it to a third couple who likewise regifts it to a fourth couple.

Then the first couple receives a phone call from the friends in Germany asking if they received the "priceless" gift they sent.

The race is on as each couple tries to retrieve the gift from the couple they regifted it to.

The show ends with a very meaningful and thought provoking moral about the true meaning of Christmas and a gift that is given.

"I selected the play since I had directed it 8 years ago and it was very well received then," Stuff said. "I also knew the author and contacted him to see if he might be available to attend opening night, which he gladly was able to do.

"It’s such a fun show and gives people an opportunity to think about the Christmas season and what it means.

"So many times people get so wrapped up in commercialism - the shopping, decorating, baking, sending cards, traveling, etc., that they fail to stop and think about what the season actually means to them personally.

"No matter what an individual believes, it is a season to reflect and think about themselves, their family, their relationships, and perhaps consider making some changes as we start a new year.

The show is a comedy with each of the four couples celebrating Christmas in their own ways, even defining the word "celebrate" differently, said Stuff.

"Each household has their own comedic moments in spite of their holiday spirit, or lack thereof," Stuff said. "Whether they are sniping at each other, considering how bad a present to exchange with other folks, trying to cope with a parent who has moved in, or just trying to make ends meet and celebrate with the meager means they have, each family provides laughter and joy for the audience members."

The cast in total comes to nine with the four couples and one mother with the rest of the crew coming to 25 people in charge of lighting, sound, moving the set pieces, working the box office, finding the costumes, making the dinners, curtain operation, set building and other essential non-acting roles.

"The cast has been especially fun to work with since there are several long-time veterans of the Depot Theater alongside three people who are completely new to this theater," Stuff said. "And two of them have never acted before at all.

"Community theater at its best."

Stuff also added that, "If people enjoy themselves, they might want to consider volunteering and joining in on the fun.

"As much fun as it is to watch a show, it’s even more fun to be involved in one.

"We need people with many talents and interests and capabilities from setting the tables before every performance, to cleaning dishes, to ushering and selling tickets, to bartending and plating food, to painting the sets and sewing buttons on costumes.

There is a place for anyone and everyone and we need volunteers to help.

"Plus every volunteer hour spent at the Depot counts toward earning free tickets."

The Regifters will open its doors at 5:30 p.m. tonight, Friday and Saturday with a matinee show starting at noon on Sunday.

Tickets are $55 for dinner and the show, $40 for show only.

Call 620-225-1001 for tickets.

The production will return to the Depot and run from Dec. 14-17.

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