This is the third of four stories on the events of 2017.

Summer in Dodge City is the biggest tourist season as well as the time when Dodge City Days comes around.

In the early part of July, Dodge City became the hub for the Brothers of the Third Wheel National Trike-In.

The riders were in Dodge City and surrounding areas from July 13-16.

"We expect about 250-300 riders coming in," BTW CEO Alex Ross said to the Globe. "The riders cover about 40 states across the country.

"Some of the bikes are custom made but with new safety laws and insurance issues most of them are manufactured now and the manufacturers have stepped up in a big way.

"A company out of Europe will even be bringing in their reverse trike that will be on display for the first time in North America."

Dating back 30 years, the Brothers of the Third Wheel hold get-togethers and trike-ins across the country with most states holding their own rallies.

"It's a social event for everyone," Cox said. "We love to get together and ride and meet up.

"There's about 10 rallies in a month throughout the states so getting a national rally together is a great thing to have.

"We meet and we eat, we ride to eat and eat to ride."

Reflection Living officially opened their doors in July.

Located at 2800 6th Ave. Reflection Living was started by Susie Engels and Jennifer Maul in Wichita who took their combined 40 years of nursing to open their own senior living facility.

In 2006, Maul and Engels opened their first home in Wichita and have since opened four as of 2015.

The new facility will be the first Reflection Living in Dodge City with additional facilities in Hutchinson.

The home is fully equipped with a kitchen, living room and quiet rooms that residents can use any time they want.

The Dodge City Days Parade had an usual occurrence in 2017, rain.

The Saturday of the parade saw a steady rainfall that kept up from start to finish.

Despite the rain, the parade went on and it did not deter from a full crowd.

"We used a tarp and umbrellas as a cover when it was heavy rain," said Samantha Temaat of Dodge City. "After that we just toughed it out."

Not all things went well in July.

PenAir, the Essential Air Service provider at Dodge City Regional Airport, announced they would be filing Chapter 11 reorganization that will end up closing their Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado, hubs.

By Sept. 26, the Dodge City Commission approved an agreement to make Boutique Air the new Essential Air Service provider at Dodge City Regional Airport.

"On Sept. 12 the Department of Transportation received four proposals for the EAS service," airport manager Corey Keller said during the commission meeting. "It is the recommendation that we accept the proposal of Boutique Air."

Boutique Air will offer 18 weekly round-trip flights with a total subsidy of $3,621,182 annually to the Federal Department of Transportation.

According to the agreement, there would be three flights per day with two on Saturday and one on Sunday.

It was recently announced that flights at Dodge City Regional Airport with Boutique Air would begin Jan. 1, 2018.

And the big talk during the summer not only in Dodge City, but throughout the country, was that of the Solar Eclipse.

The moon’s shadow traveled from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States with only a narrow zone, called the path of totality, experiencing a total solar eclipse.

Therefore when the moon blocks out the sun completely, it will be for less than 3 minutes.

This phenomenon hasn't occurred in 40 years with another set to take place 8 years from now.

Students at the Dodge City High School were able to view the eclipse using special glasses starting around 12:40 p.m. and going through 1:15 p.m. of Aug. 21

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