The Western State Bank Expo Center will be the host of the 4th annual Southwest Angus Genetics livestock sale on Friday, Feb. 24.

The sale will see more than 100 performance-tested bulls along with females that have been registered up for auction.

"This is a live and internet auction and they will sell cattle all over the U.S.," Danielle Crouch, Western State Bank Expo Center manager said.

Southwest Angus Genetics started close to 5 years ago by Dennis Huck, a veterinarian and commercial ranch operator in Comanche and Kiowa County.

Dennis Huck is joined by his son Darin Huck and Russ Smith and Bernie Stegman.

According to the Southwest Angus Genetics website, the Huck's, Smith and Stegman have been selling Angus bulls for close to 25 years.

"We care about the same things you do," the website said. "Year after year we select for strong maternal traits, balanced with effective carcass data. We don't follow the trends because we are loyal to the proven factors that produce powerful, balanced Angus herds: calving ease, marketable rib eyes, gentle disposition, moderate frames and solid structure.

"This year's crop of bulls is evidence of our dedication to these high standards."

The livestock sale will be at 1 p.m. at Western State Bank Expo Center and is open to the public.

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