According to Timm Medical president Andy Gesek, Timm Medical purchased Pos-T-Vac Medical in November 2017.

Pos-T-Vac Medical was started more than 20 years ago by Ed Stewart of Dodge City, and became one of the leading manufacturers of erectile dysfunction pumps.

"During the acquisition process, I came to appreciate the talent and abilities that Ed had built in Dodge City and committed to keep the operations here," Gesek said. "Despite the fact that Timm Medical is located in Philadelphia, we are in the process of relocating the manufacturing of the Timm Medical portfolio of products from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Dodge City which anticipate to mean more local jobs.

"Additionally, Timm has added non-manufactured products to its portfolio which will require us to increase the call center capabilities within Dodge City."

Timm Medical will be building up the current Pos-T-Vac location, 2111 W. Wyatt Earp, to bring in the additional product line.

The plan, according to Gesek, is to have it running by the end of Q2 of this year after Federal Drug Administration regulatory items are in place.

"If our plans go well," Gesek said, "we will probably looking for additional space in 24-36 months, and would look within Dodge City."

Once the sale of Pos-T-Vac went through, Gesek said that changes were made right away.

"We did a year end bonus at Christmas for all employees," he said. "They were salary raises for the first time in several years.

"We worked on new cross training initiatives and worked to engage the employees to make it a better place to work.

"My understanding from the people working there is that previous general managers were quick to cut someone loose instead of taking time to train and develop them. We are working to change that."

According to Gesek, Pos-T-Vac's products are covered by some commercial insurance coverage.

Medicare stopped coverage of the ED product in 2015 after a lawsuit.

The call centers for both companies have been consolidated in both Kansas and Pennsylvania locations.

"We have them on the same call software and have them able to handle both companies portfolios," Gesek said. "Order processing for both product lines is handled by the joint team. Our external sales force now promotes both product lines to urology offices across the U.S.

"We have also moved the distribution of Preboost, FDA approved for the treatment of premature ejaculation, to Kansas and they handle all distribution for that product nationally.

"The next step will be the consolidation of the manufacturing which we expect to occur in Q2.

Gesek added, "Pos-T-Vac has a complementary product line to Timm's.

"Timm had the best Manual pump in the industry and PTV had the best battery powered. Timm was a sales and marketing organization that outsourced manufacturing.

"PTV was a manufacturing organization that outsourced sales and marketing.

"From that standpoint, the businesses were a great fit. I was also impressed by the employees who worked in the Dodge City location. True professionals that cared about their work.

"They understand that they provide a product that helps to change the lives of couples who have lost the intimacy in their lives that they longed for.

"They are committed to provide a quality product and provide quality service to help improve the lives of their customers.

"From my standpoint, I'd hope to get the word out about what we are doing and the changes that we are making to Pos-T-Vac.

"Hiring has been a bit of a problem due to the low unemployment rate in Dodge as well as the style of previous management (Not Ed Stewart).

"If people are looking for opportunities, they can contact our general manager, Jen Schrock at 620-338-4130."

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