For the second week, the You Are Loved rally was held in Dodge City as a response to the recent number of suicides among teenagers that have taken place.

This time the rally was held along Morgan Boulevard towards the Dodge City Middle School.

The event was organized by Lorenzo Gallegos who, along with many community members, held a rally near the Dodge City High School on April 16 as school let out for the day.

After the DCHS rally, Gallegos said, "I think we need to do the same for the middle school's, so we would like to invite you guys to show some love to DC Middle School on Monday April 23.

"They too are hurting, they too need to see how much they mean to us, to see God's love through us, we stand lifting our youth with love, and compassion up to God, so we can start the healing as a community. "With love and compassion we will prevail."

A similar turnout took place during the rally of those holding signs of support and encouragement as students made their way home.

Several students joined in on the sign holding as they made it towards the exit of the middle school drive way.

"I think the rally went great," Gallegos said. "A lot of people made it out. The best part was just seeing the smile on the kids faces as they walked down the sidewalk toward practice.

"Their faces lit up with smiles, and it was heart felt."

Plans are in play to have a You Are Loved Rally on April 30 for Comanche Middle School students.

"The plan is to meet at memorial stadium," said Gallegos, "and rally on the east side of Comanche Middle School.

"If anyone wants to get involved, be there by 2:45 p.m., I believe they get out at 3 p.m."

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