The Dodge City Conquistadors womens basketball team will take on the Butler Grizzlies today in Dodge City, Kansas.

The Conqs will look to continue their growth despite having lost the last two straight games.

“I think we’ve been getting better,” head coach Zach Loll said. “We’re starting to shoot the ball better. I hope I don’t jinx ourselves but we’ve shot the ball better. I think we’ve been able to kind of grind some games and we defend people, and I think that’s somewhat of an identity that we’re gonna have.”

Loll said that possible identity includes that it won’t be easy to play against the Conquistadors.

“We’re just not going to give you easy shots and easy opportunities, but to go along with that we’ve got to be able to rebound the ball,” Loll said. “I’ve talked about that since the beginning.”

The team didn’t rebound as strongly Wednesday when they played Garden City, which contributed to the team’s loss. Currently, the team is the fifth best rebounding team in the conference statistically, averaging 44.9 per game. However Barton, the team ahead of them in the category, averages exactly 45.0 per game.

“We’ve got to do that against this Butler team that’s coming in because they will rebound the ball and they will go to the offensive glass,” Loll said. “So we’ve got to be ready to compete on the boards.”

Second-chance points could be a key factor in today’s game. Butler averages 75 points per game, while Dodge City averages 59.9, a difference of about 15 points per game, which means that Dodge City will need to get as many points as possible even after initial misses while preventing Butler from doing the same if the Conqs want to increase their chances of winning today.

“We’ve got to go out and limit their opportunities and make it tough on ‘em,” Loll said.

The Conquistadors take on the Grizzlies at 1 p.m. in the Student Activity Center at Dodge City Community College.