The Cimarron Bluejays boys basketball team bounced back from a season-opening loss, scoring a crushing win against the Bucklin Red Aces Tuesday night.

The final score was 67-24.

The team had previously lost to Ulysses Friday. Tuesday night's win moved the team to 1-1, and was the first matchup of their home tournament the Bluejay Invitational.

Head coach Iric Mawhirter said the team got embarrassed in that first loss.

"I told em to take it out on Bucklin and let it fuel you," Mawhirter said. "There's two ways to react: We can remember and sulk on it or we can move forward. So that was a big factor, was just shaking off that Ulysses game."

The team also didn't have senior forward Jaylen Pickle, who was a 1st Team All League selection last season.

"That important too," Mawhirter said. "A lot of it was just getting things going in the right direction."

To get the team to turn things around though, the challenge he gave the team to take out their anger against Bucklin was all the motivation the team needed.

"I mad, they were mad," Mawhirter said. "So we used it as fuel, tried to anyway as motivation, and we did what we were supposed to do, that's the main thing."

At the end of the third quarter, the Bluejays outscored the Red Aces 20-8 to end the third up 53-20.

Despite the huge difference in scoring through, that didn't mean the game was perfect for the Bluejays. Cimarron started the game on an 8-0 run, but the Red Aces narrowed the lead to 12-6 before the first quarter ended wih the score 14-6.

Bucklin, Mawhirter said, played a good zone defense inside which kept the Bluejays from getting the ball in enough, but the Bluejays also played sloppy at times, and still have plenty to work on he said.

"We've gotta get the ball inside," Mawhirter said. "We kind of lived by the 3 and that's not what we want. So just little things, little things we've gotta fix. Execution, slowing down sometimes, we had a lot of travels and guys dragging their feet just in a hurry."

The team has a lot to work on he said.

"We can't be happy with this," Mawhirter said.

The Bluejays play again Friday in the next round of the Bluejay Invitational.