("County ponders how to deal with photographing of public records," May 23) "As a part-time genealogist, photographing records is a big help. You don't have to handle fragile records and you have something to put in your family history. I wouldn't object to 25 to 50 cents per shot.
    "Most folks would realize that keeping those old books safe and sound costs something. It's somewhat of an honor system, so I don't know what to tell you about the lawyers, but I think the general public would comply."

    ("County ponders how to deal with photographing of public records," May 23) "Please! If the keeping of the county records are financed by the taxpayers and those monies are used to maintain a storage area for the documents and employ people to maintain those records, why would taking a photograph of one or a thousand pages of public records be a problem? Seward County charges $25 dollars per camera per day. Why? To cover the cost of bindings. Yet within the budget to sustain the records, is there not already a cost that is covered? Because, flatting out a record book, either by photograph or copy machine, results in the same outcome, and replacing bindings is nothing new under the sun. Just ask your local public library. They do it all the time .. especially with well-read books."

    ("Community garden celebrates third year in Dodge City," May 24) "I love this!! What a beautiful idea, and the community is involved. Makes me miss Kansas."

    ("Kansans urged to remember communities in their wills," May 22) "I think it's simple. It's their money; let them do with it as they want. Besides that, Dodge City isn't letting itself grow. If they want to give money to a county or a city, let them give to one that is showing growth in community."

    "I'm just letting everybody know — I've been talking to a lot of people, and people are kind of disappointed that you don't put the baseball standings in the paper anymore. I think you guys need to start putting things in the paper so people can find out how the major league baseball teams are doing in the standings."

    "Can you imagine Michelle Obama — hopefully to be first lady — to even be considered for that role after she stated, 'In my entire adult life, I have never been proud to be an American?' I don't believe she qualifies."

    "Hillary Clinton recently used the Robert Kennedy assassination as an example of why she is staying in the presidential race. What a horrid statement, thus revealing Hillary's cold and callous inner spirit. She wants to be president at any cost. In my eyes, she needs to get out of the campaign now.
    "By the way, I am a Democratic, over-50-year-old white woman, and I am supporting Barack Obama for president."

    "Hey, Dodge City, we have plenty of meat-processing facilities and, every summer, a giant barbecue in the park. How come we don't have one single decent barbecue restaurant in this whole giant town?"

    "Just wanted to say 'Thank you' to the Globe for their great articles on education. Also, the graduates' pictures that included our surrounding towns. It was great to see the accomplishments of our youth.
    "I especially like, too, that you highlight the positive. We hear too many negatives. Keep up the good work."

    "In Tuesday's paper was quite a long list of the tax-delinquent sheriff's sale. If our 'wants' crowd gets all what they want, in a future paper there's going to be a whole lot more."

    "Using ethanol only proves that alcohol can solve many problems."

    "I thoroughly enjoyed reading Friday's paper on May 23 about the first annual Legends of McCarty Speedway. Just really enjoyed that a lot with all the pictures. It was just exciting to read. Thank you for publishing that very much."

    "I'm calling about the racing page that you had in the Globe. I thought it was  a great page. I loved the old pictures and all the information. I would like to see more of that, so if you could please extend that for us and let us enjoy some of the old news about racing, that would be great."

    "Calling regarding the Legends of McCarty Speedway page in Friday's Globe. Such a fun page. What a walk down memory lane for a lot of us that had memories of the great racing Jack Merrick and staff brought to us year after year. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the good ol' boys and their cars. Thanks for the memories."