Nearly 90 tornadoes were reported in Kansas as of Monday, in a rough weather week that also included storms with large hail and record rainfall.
    “It’s been kind of overwhelming,” said Larry Ruthi, meteorologist in charge of the Dodge City branch of the National Weather Service. “On Friday evening, we had five (large tornadoes) on the ground at the same time. ... It’s pretty amazing.”
    Four people are believed to have died and several more were reported injured in the storms, officials said.
    “We just had a constant barrage of storms, firing up along all these different boundaries,” said Chance Hayes, warning coordination meteorologist at the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service. “Typically this time of year they’re going to move through pretty quickly. But we just had one round after another.”
    According to preliminary data collected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center, 87 tornadoes were reported in Kansas on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.
    The final number will likely be lower, officials say, because some of those reports are likely to be different angles of the same tornado.
    While WaKeeney and Protection both reported damage from tornadoes, meteorologists said tornadoes nearly hit more than a dozen other cities, including Greensburg.
    A wedge tornado lifted just before it reached Quinter on Friday night, and it touched back down again on the other side of town. A second large tornado passed just west of the town the same evening.
    A tornado bearing down on Kinsley on Friday night lifted south of town, went over the Edwards County seat and touched down again on the other side of town, Ruthi said.
    Another tornado fell apart as it neared Ransom on Friday night, he said.
    “It definitely could have been much worse,” Hayes said.