Sunflower Electric Power Corporation held its
51st annual meeting in Great Bend on May 16. The board of directors received the annual report of the corporation and elected officers for the upcoming year.
    Earl Watkins, Sunflower’s president and chief executive officer, discussed the corporation’s activities for the past year and the continued development of long-term generation planning, which includes the Smoky Hills Wind Farm, the Holcomb Expansion Project, and the Sunflower Integrated Bioenergy Center.
    Following the board meeting, an organizational meeting was conducted by the board to elect their leadership for the coming year.
    Loren Ochs, Jetmore, a representative of The Victory Electric
Cooperative Association, was elected chairman of the Board of Directors.
    Larry Evans, Gove, a representative of Western Cooperative Electric Association, was elected vice chairman.
    The board unanimously thanked Charles Ayers, Leoti, a representative of Wheatland Electric Cooperative Inc. who served as chairman for seven years.
    “Sunflower’s reputation and success are directly linked to our outstanding leadership,” Watkins said. “Charles exhibited strong leadership during challenging times, and we are grateful for his service as chairman.”
    The board also elected Kyle Nelson to serve as senior vice president and chief operating officer.