TV commercials try to convince us that a home can shine on command as never before. Because today, with a gentle sweep of a mop on a stick, the floor gleams with a mirror-like shine. However, the vacuum cleaner has kept its preferred status. The models keep changing, along with their weight, their level of absorption and the space they take to be stored. Then there are the supermodels, which crawl under the beds and have the ability to drive without a license.
    Just in case you hate to look under the beds, leave those spaces alone. Remember, they are rented by monsters, but in case you don't have any left because your kids are grownups, you can always find your pet’s hair and your husband’s lost matching socks. Don't take chances with allergies. Good advice for saving the effort, or the title for an horror movie, would be "Don't look under the bed.”
    Another chapter recommending cleaners includes those small scrubbers lined up in discipline, like in boot camp. Furniture has its own category of dusting and cleaner sprays, not leaving your woods in tears. Glasses, metals and the like need the assistance of a special spray. However, a little tip: Never use your hair spray for this purpose, since you won't believe the results.
    In the kitchen department for cleaners, there are the dish-washing detergents that are good for your hands, and the ones that should come with rubber gloves because the ingredients are awesome not only with the grease, but also on your hands. Include here oven and floor cleaners and metal polish. Here I cannot help thinking of Cinderella, scrubbing floors barehanded. The "zippers and zappers" for today’s floors should bear her name: "Scrub like a future princess and feel the royal touch.”
    The refrigerator has become the "summa cum laude" of appliances. They can be cleaned inside and out with water, a bit of baking soda and a clean rag. I remember in our fridge, the freezer zone had to be thawed to be cleaned. Today, ovens, freezers, irons and who knows what else are self-cleaners.
    Since today there are dryers that give clothes the ironed look, I hope soon we will find self-dispensers of detergent and softener in our washers changing knots from cotton to silk to wool and from easy-to-love clothing to really grimy stuff. That will be the day for homemakers.
    And why not? If ladies used to spend in the past a full day — or even two days — on making a typical gourmet dish, it would be only fair that if today we may open a typical gourmet can, heat and serve, why not have an automatic all-process machine that produces the same result? Instructions for the machine (with every ingredient already mechanically measured): Sift the flour, beat the eggs and add sugar, butter, vanilla, baking powder and salt. It might need a touch of milk or sour cream. Then add the name of the dish — in this case, a "hands-off vanilla cake.”
    When you come back from work, shopping, the beauty salon or lunch with a friend, the aroma of a self-baked cake will welcome you home. You may ask the consumer report if it has similar models for cooking meats, fish and seafood.
    But make clear you need the self-cleaning model. This added feature would make a perfect homemaker’s image.
    Life can be wonderful.