A man accused of participating in the recent stabbing of Dodge City resident Ernie Drake was charged Friday with being an accomplice to attempted second-degree murder.
    Alejando Galindo, 18, was also charged with felony counts of aggravated burglary and aiding a felon, plus misdemeanor battery, during his first court appearance in Ford County District Court.
    If Galindo is convicted of being an accomplice to attempted second-degree murder, he could be sentenced to serve between 55 and 247 months in prison. Aggravated burglary carries a possible sentence of 31 to 136 months in prison, while the potential sentence for aiding a felon is between seven and 23 months in prison.
    The maximum sentence for misdemeanor battery is up to six months in the county jail and a fine up to $1,000. The maximum fine for the felony charges would be $100,000 per offense.
    The actual sentences would depend on Galindo's criminal history, which has not been determined yet.
    Dodge City attorney Daniel Arkell was appointed to represent Galindo, whose next court hearing is tentatively set for Sept. 4. Galindo is currently being held without bond in the Ford County Detention Center.
    Drake was stabbed early the morning of Aug. 3 at his apartment, 2908 Doralane Ave. He survived the attack and was taken to Western Plains Medical Complex for treatment.
    A 16-year-old boy, whose name has not been released due to his age, has already been arrested and charged with attempted second-degree murder and burglary in the case.
    Galindo was arrested on Wednesday at the Dodge City Police Department after authorities brought him in for questioning.
    Police Chief John Ball declined to comment earlier this week on the circumstances of the case or a possible motive for the stabbing. He also said it was unclear whether the suspects were acquainted with the victim.

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