And a star guided the three wise men to the right and bright place. A baby was born who would change the world. And he did. All shepherds were amazed at the happening in a manger. No doubt, it's Him with an everlasting presence. it's Jesus.

And a star guided the Three Wise Men to the right and bright place. A baby is born who will change the world. And he did. All shepherds, are amazed at the happening, in a manger. No doubt, it's Him with an everlasting presence, it's Jesus.
        Through the centuries, feelings and ways of celebration for the greatest event ever have changed in many ways. Gifts from the wise men — gold, incense and myrrh — have been translated into all kind of worldly presents. Humbleness, quality and rejoicing have been traded for coins of much less value.
        Today many people gather for a dear person's birthday or maybe their own. Food and drinks are the centerpieces, with plenty of different foods and preparations according to the people's origin. Drinks go from water to refreshments to coffee and tea, but also champagne, wines, rum, tequila, whiskies, scotch and up the stairs to the point where the reason for the celebration might get lost. Music comes from harps, clavichords, organs, pianos, or drums, guitars and maracas. Beats of all rhythms sound good to everyone, because it's the birthday of one of us, and we celebrate according to our roots and customs.
        But the focus has a different dimension when it's Jesus' birthday, and we owe respect in our way of rejoicing. A family gathering, good food and soft drinks are in order, and — before or after dinner — a trip to church.
        In Cuba, before the atheism invasion, supper was first. Small kids went to bed early because Santa Claus was coming to town, and some family members went to church. One or two stayed at home to be sure Santa would find the letters (I bet he is bilingual). This Mass was on the evening of December the 24th and was called "The rooster mass" (Misa de gallo) at 12 a.m. This is to say we celebrated because Jesus was about to be born. In the United States, we celebrate because Jesus has been born.
        In good old Cuba, in Spain and in many other Latin American countries, people exhibited at home Nativity scenes with figurines. Poor or rich, small or numerous in characters — it didn't matter. Some had a baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Some added the three wise men, the brightest star, an angel, shepherds, sheep, cows, donkeys, all in a stable and in heavenly peace.
        However, going back to the list of wines for Christmas Day: Excess is to be deleted. Keep in mind that when people drink beyond the fence, they may commit all kind of nonsense, insult a good friend, get into a fight, end up in jail or drive, with death as the closing act. Now I have a solid question. Does anybody think drinking is the way to party any day of the year? How about on the day to rejoice in the birth of Jesus?
        Christmas is a great event. Don't make it cloudy with the wrong behavior or spending beyond your credit, giving your children a wrong impression about their family or forgetting the needy, the lonely or children without a toy. Be part of the once-a-year festivity, which is really just once in a lifetime. Be counted in. Don't let a bad moment damage its essence, its tenderness. It's His birthday and should give everybody a chance to think it over and make new plans.
        The date is getting closer. We may want to look for the indelible star to show us the way.