The calendar is a restless machine in counting how many years you are carrying in the bag. Can you change your age? No, but you may change the way you look and fee

   The calendar is a restless machine in counting how many years you are carrying in the bag. Can you change your age? No, but you may change the way you look and feel.
    History is full of chapters with the best try-outs probably since Egyptian ladies wore makeup — a combination of paints, food seasonings and milk they used to take a bath — but that was exclusively for rich ladies married to pharaohs, future mummies, important people who owned their tombs before they had cradles.
        But let's take the calendar to modern times and take a look at possibilities for not aging for men and women. Keep your spirit young. Wear colors, smile often. Don't get mad, and if you do, do it in private. A session of bad temper will cost you two new wrinkles in a showy place. Walk often. Not only is it a recommended exercise, but people will see you around and you will keep your popularity.
    What else? Oh, I almost forgot to say, "Save some money when buying food and treat yourself to non-fattening veggies and... fruities"?
    Sleep your hours. Keep in your recorder a good movie, show, sports or even  commercials while you rest to look better the next morning. If you feel comfortable with gray hair, comb it with a younger look. Or follow my steps and color it. Relax and read. It shows your personality. I read a lot of comic strips.
        Wear young-looking clothing — but don't exaggerate it as much as I do with my readings.
        Amplify your parameters. Don't live in a cubicle unless you are studying for a Ph.D. Visit a friend, but think of all of them. Make a call, even a long-distance call. It's cheaper than driving. Start deciding how you are going to save money, as if it were your first time. Get enthusiastic, and listen to music.Don't worry about how old it is, because music never ages. Every song brings memories worth playing in our own private CD player. Recreate the times when that song was in the "Hit Parade" and devote a memory to the person who you had in the highest position at that time. This is to say, that person who owned you heart and soul.
        Eat, drink and enjoy. You are still able to make memories. Laugh and make others laugh. They will love your happy image. And remember, you should be trying to beat as many of your birthdays as possible. Start today, and don't quit tomorrow.
        Flip back your calendar with your attitude. Always hope that   people say you don't look your age. That's muuch better than "For your age, you don't look that bad." People who say things like these are the bad guys in the movies, like the Jerk in "Batman," Dr. Lester in "Silence of the Lambs" or Kathy Bates in "Misery" (very Stephen King). Live intensely, even if it is for a while. Wouldn't you like to be Meryl Streep or Clint Eastwood in "The Bridges of Madison County"? C'mon, say yes ... I know you do.
        Find yourself today, anywhere, anyhow. Don't quit being a romantic. Keep as many of your memories as possible in Technicolor. Be yourself once more. Look back and remember the best, and look forward to looking for a younger you. It's like music to your eyes. Yes, your eyes.
        No strings attached.