I was a longtime customer for the Broken Spoke Saloon.

     I was a long time customer for the Broken Spoke Saloon. My mother worked there from the beginning. There were even a few times I would help out with the Christmas parties they hosted.
     Every time I went, there was always a fun-filled atmosphere with lots of dancing and satisfied customers. The restaurant business is the most difficult business to achieve success in. The way trends are always changing, and the profit margin is nil.
     The Spoke seemed to forget that in order to obtain a profit, you must always have everything in stock. There were multiple times I went in there to eat and they would only have cheeseburgers or sandwiches.
     It did sadden me, however, to see them close their doors on September 10, 2011. The bar side of the business went really well.     My mom would always come home and tell me about the regulars that came in and would know them all by name. That's the kind of hometown atmosphere a lot of chain businesses miss.
     The owner and DJ, Cliff Bone, announced to the people in the bar on Sept. 3 that he would be shutting his doors the following weekend. This is the first time that even the employees had heard anything about him shutting down. September 10 rolled around and they had a great send-off. My mother will miss her customers, but I will always remember it as as the place I celebrated my 21st birthday.