I have mixed feelings about the Broken Spoke closing September 10, 2011.

     I have mixed feelings about the Broken Spoke closing September 10, 2011. I feel sorry for the employees who are left without jobs in this economy. They depended on The Spoke for their living and now are going to struggle finding new jobs. Several of the employees that worked there made going in worthwhile. They were friendly and always had a smile on their faces. Any employer who is lucky enough to hire them will have a great employee who will bring customers in with them.
     I am also disappointed that country music lovers in town have no place to go for country dancing. There are a lot of people who enjoy country dancing, and now we will have to travel to Wichita, Liberal or Woodward to go dancing.
     I would hope the Dodge House or Cowtown would look at opening up a country bar again.
     Under the right management, it could be a fun, safe and profitable business. With the right management, customers would not have to worry about fights breaking out, being charged the same price each time they got a drink and would be able to enjoy dancing to country music and visiting with friends and visitors who come to Dodge City.
     I am glad to see The Broken Spoke close with all its problems and mismanagement. Now someone has the opportunity to open a country bar with the right manager that will not only draw in customers from Dodge, but surrounding areas as well, for a night of fun dancing, and hopefully it will bring in local and regional music talent.