Someone punched Diego Enriquez-Enriquez on May 14, causing him to fall and strike his head on a cement floor. That fall caused a brain injury which ultimately killed him.

Dodge man bound over for trial in student death
By Eric Swanson
Dodge City Daily Globe

     Someone punched Diego Enriquez-Enriquez on May 14, causing him to fall and strike his head on a cement floor. That fall caused a brain injury which ultimately killed him.
     Now, the man accused of punching Enriquez-Enriquez that night will face trial on charges of unintentionally killing the Dodge City High School student.
     After a daylong hearing Monday, Dodge City resident Fabian Colorado was bound over for trial on charges of involuntary manslaughter and aggravated battery. He will enter a plea at a separate hearing, which has not been scheduled yet.

A fatal fall
     Enriquez-Enriquez, 17, was seriously injured during a birthday party in the garage at 135 McCaustland Road No. 1. He was taken to Western Plains Medical Complex and later airlifted to Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, where he was pronounced dead.
     Medical tests showed that Enriquez-Enriquez's blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit, and he had cocaine in his system.   However, the tests did not indicate how much cocaine he had taken.
     Dodge City resident Manuel Carbajal said he attended the party that night along with 75 other people, including Enriquez-Enriquez. Carbajal left the party with a friend at one point and drove to Tacos Jalisco, the east Love's convenience store and Burger King before returning to McCaustland Road.
     Carbajal said when he rejoined the party, he was trying to keep a friend from getting into a fight — and that was when he heard Enriquez-Enriquez fall.
     "We heard a big thud — like two hits — and we turned around and Diego was on the floor," Carbajal said.
     Assistant Ford County Attorney Scott James said, "How long after you heard the hit did you actually look over there?"
     Carbajal said, "Seconds."
     He said he didn't know what to do until two people picked Enriquez-Enriquez up and put him on a couch, where he lay murmuring and vomiting. Carbajal later drove Enriquez-Enriquez to the hospital, but they stopped along the way because Enriquez-Enriquez was sick again.
     Carbajal said he originally told police that he was at home that night, and a friend called and asked him to pick up Enriquez-Enriquez. He said he had lied to police because he didn't want to get in trouble for underage drinking.
     During cross examination, defense attorney Derek Miller asked Carbajal, "Was Diego drinking that night?"
     Carbajal said Enriquez-Enriquez was drinking, but he didn't know how much.
     Carbajal said he was five feet away from Enriquez-Enriquez when he fell, and there were four other men in front of the victim — including an unidentified heavy-set man. He added that he did not see Colorado at the party.
     Several other witnesses said they either saw Colorado punch Enriquez-Enriquez that night or heard the victim hit the concrete.
     Liberal resident Jose Osornio said the garage door was open, and people tried to close it to prevent other people from entering the garage. He said Diego was helping close the door when Colorado tried to enter the garage.
     "They were pushing, and Diego said, 'No,'" Osornio said as an interpreter translated for him. "And that's when they hit Diego."
     He said he did not know Colorado, but he knew the man's name because someone told him.
     Under cross examination, Osornio said he did not immediately contact police because he did not realize the situation was serious. But when his friends told him Enriquez-Enriquez had been airlifted to Wichita, he decided to tell police what he knew.
     Osornio contacted the police department five days later.
     "Was your purpose to tell police that Fabian Colorado did this?" Miller asked.
     Osornio said, "I wanted to tell police everything I knew."
     Miller later asked Osornio if he would describe Colorado as "heavy-set."
     Osornio said, "A little bit."
     He also recalled telling a police officer that the assailant was about 5 feet, 9 inches tall and heavy-set.
     But he later said that he didn't get a good look at the man who had punched Enriquez-Enriquez.

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