Hockey game brings unhealthy food options but an evening of fun.

My family traveled to Wichita last evening to watch a hockey game. I’ve never attended a hockey game and was introduced to this sport because my daughter’s choir sang the national anthem before the game.

Having attended many baseball, basketball and football games throughout the years I found my hockey experience to be equally exhilarating, partially because I was eager to figure out the rules of the game and partially because I was intrigued by crowd activities.

The fan camera focused on select groups throughout the game, while fans danced and engaged in crazy movements to draw attention. Dollar bills were dropped from the catwalk above as a promotional gimmick. T-shirts and Frisbees were launched into the crowd with fans sprawling and grasping the air as they tried to be the lucky recipients.

And who can ignore the food – classic sport arena food? It’s the first time since college that I had to wear a bracelet identifying me as a legal drinker. Not willing to consume an expensive, watered-down beer I opted for a margarita from a Mexican vendor. The drink didn’t resemble the tangy drink I so often enjoy. It was served in a plastic cup with no salt around the rim and the alcohol content was next to none.

Despite our gourmet preferences, my family also indulged in soft pretzels, nachos, hotdogs and candied nuts. The evening was unique as we stepped out of our normal eating zone. For those of us who engage in a healthy eating lifestyle, it’s scary to think individuals indulge in eating those kinds of foods on a daily basis.

While it was fun to step out of our healthy habits for a day, we will definitely be detoxifying our systems today with fruits and vegetables. Lunch includes carrot lentil soup!