Everyone has their own idea of what date night means.

Date night … two words that conjure up romantic images, perhaps an evening out at the Uptown Café followed by a movie at the Barron Theatre or a romantic movie snuggled up together on the couch. Everyone has their own interpretation of what date night means. In any case, it means spending intimate time with the one you love, engaged in an activity of common interest.

I don’t know how you usually spend date night, but here’s how we spent it at our house Tuesday evening. After I lubricated the chain, installed a headlight borrowed from a friend, and attached a couple of red and green spoke lights, my wife and I headed out from town into the darkness for a spin around the lake on our bicycles.

It was a bit chilly Tuesday night when our date began around 6:30 p.m. With multiple layers of clothing, coats and gloves on, though, we kept fairly warm. The quiet of winter and the moderate pace of our ride made communication fairly easy, as we enjoyed an intimate ride beneath the stars. We didn’t hold hands, but we did grip our handlebars, especially when vehicles passed us by.

Our ending destination wasn’t a restaurant but only our kitchen table, as we enjoyed peanut butter (hers) and sunflower butter (mine) and jelly sandwiches while reading the newspaper together. That’s date night at the Case home: it doesn’t get any more romantic than that.