It's been a very lucky month for Cole Echols and his family.

The family recently struck oil on its land and it was a personal lucky moment that turned prosperous to the Louisiana cowboy Saturday night in the form of $43,500 in event and shoot out round money at the Roto-Mix Dodge City Shootout Cinch Championship Bull Riding tour event at United Wireless Arena.

"It's sure is a lot of money and I didn't realize it was going to pay that much, but it was real lucky for me," Echols said. "Everything seemed to be going in my favor.

"Anytime you can win that much money, it doesn't matter where it's at; but it was good being in Dodge City, an old cowboy town like this with a lot of rodeo tradition."

Echols has had some monetary success in Dodge City, finishing tied for second in the final standings in team roping as a heeler with Brady Tryan, but the $3,589 he won that day paled in comparison to Saturday night's payday.

"We'll be back for the Roundup rodeo, but I think I'll just ride bulls this time," Echols said.

The cowboy almost didn't qualify for the shoot out round for a chance at his big pay day and his second CBR event championship.

Echols (Elm Grove, La.) was one of eight riders who had a qualified ride in the first round, but was knocked off Greenhorn during the second round of competitors. It looked like he was done for the night as he stood fifth with only the top four coming back for the money round.

But a judge said Greenhorn caused a foul in the chute, meaning Echols would get a reride on the same bull, another chance to reach the final round. Echols made the most of his chance, scoring an 89 to be the only rider with two scores (176.5), assuring him of the last ride of the night.

"To be able to get on the same bull twice and have a bead on him," Echols said. "I didn't ride him very far the first time, but I knew he was going to do and do what I needed to do."

Cooper Kanngeisser (Zenda), Corey Bailey (Paris, Texas) and Alexandre Cardoza (Brazil) all went before him and were bucked. Actually, Cardoza was bucked and chased around the arena floor by his bull Jungle Juice before the handlers and bullfighters could get attention of the animal.

Echols had never ridden on his bull in the shoot out round, Warrior, before; but had seen how he performed before in arenas. Warrior threw a surprise for the rider, but Echols was able to hold on and finish the ride for an 89 score. He earned the title, the event money and the shootout money for his ride. It also moved him to the top of the World Standings with 786.5 points.

"He usually goes to the right, but he just started going then started turning to the left," Echols said. "I don't know if I was riding him right, but I knew it wasn't feeling good until I heard the (eight-second) whistle."