Looking for a good app that has good, old-fashioned card-game fun? Check out these highlights.

APPEAK POKER: This popular poker app is great for beginners and pros. You compete against other players, but not for real money, so thereís no real pressure.
Free for iOS and Android.

SKIP-BO: This fun - and frustrating (when your opponent gets on a hot streak) - classic game is in app form. The rules are the same: You try to put your cards in sequential order and empty your stockpile first.
$1.99 for iOS and Android (there is a free version, but users donít like it).

PHASE 10: Another classic, this rummy-style game has you try to complete your 10 phases before your opponents. If you enjoy the card game, youíll love the app.
$1.99 for iOS and Android (again, thereís a low-rated free version).

UNO & FRIENDS: And then thereís Uno, the classic-ist classic of them all (well, according to us). This version has a social media component to it, and you play the game just like you always have - but on your phone!
Free for iOS and Android (thereís also a $4.99 regular Uno version).

Hot app of the week

CLASH OF CLANS: If youíre looking for a fun non-card game, try this hot app. Itís a strategy/combat game that has lots of people hooked. Itís free to play, but if you want to be a superstar at this game, youíll probably need to buy items during gameplay.
Free for iOS and Android.

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