The Dodge City parks department is happy to buy a modern solution to locating graves and burial records.

A new touch-screen kiosk purchased for the Maple Grove Cemetery will help residents and visitors find burial records and locations once it's installed.

The pedestal will replace two inefficient methods visitors have to locate specific graves, asking a city employee or looking through a book, which may or may not have been accurately updated from the city's digital records.

The outdoor computer terminal will "provide continual access to grave locations," Parks Director Paul Lewis said. Since it will be connected to the city's actual records, there is also little risk of grave locations not being accurately updated like with the book.

The city will spend slightly more than $26,000 for the machinery, software and services required to start it up. Similar kiosks from the same company, Windy Prairie, are installed in Caldwell, Oberlin and Hugoton, Lewis reported.

The kiosk will be placed by the house, and will serve both sides of the city cemetery. More projects near the house are in discussion stages, Lewis hinted.

"One of the things we hope for, and this particular vendor is working on, is a way to take this to the Internet for a global, cloud-based service," Lewis said. It could also allow access with smart phones and other Internet-connected devices so visitors could, say, be guided directly to their interred loved one.