Brett Hoffman's job can last long hours, but he sees the rewards quickly.

Hoffman is director of operations for the United Wireless Arena in Dodge City. His job is to make sure the arena is ready for an event and then changed over for the next event, no matter how much time there is in between.

"It can be crazy," Hoffman admitted. "In March, we had state basketball one night, a football game on Sunday night and then had to reset everything for a convention that started Tuesday morning.

"It was a challenge, but my guys got it done."

That daunting 72-hour stretch has been video-taped using time lapse and posted on If interested to see what it takes to host three different events in four days, go to and watch the nearly 3-minute clip.

"The bad part of the time lapse video is everyone thinks it's easy," Hoffman said. "It's not easy."

Hoffman's crew, which he said is experienced and many are still on the job from when the arena opened, does everything from preparing dressing rooms, VIP areas, catering, a Meet-and-Greet area, backstage areas and the floor to prepping all concession stands for the event, cleaning everywhere to making sure security is on hand early.

Comedian Rodney Carrington played a concert on Friday night at the arena and today at 7 p.m. the Dodge City Law host the Omaha Beef. It means a quick turnaround for Hoffman and his crew, but there are some advantages this time.

"The stage isn't as far back this time, so we could roll up the field and put it backstage," Hoffman said. "This means we didn't have to lug the rolls outside and then back inside.

"Plus, when the concerts over, the ushers will help fold chairs and put them away to make sure things go quickly. We hope to be done by midnight with most of the switch and then just have small things to finish up before the game."

United Wireless Arena executive director Chris Ragland was skeptical of the change finishing by midnight.

"Good luck," he said to Hoffman. "I think that's optimistic."

Later, Ragland added his praise for Hoffman and his crew.

"These guys are the best," Ragland said. "I couldn't be prouder of the way they've handled some tough assignments.

"They make me look good and I know it."

Ragland and Hoffman both said the arena is looking forward to a pause in events during the summer so maintenance and repairs can take place, before August begins a busy late summer through Christmas time.

"We handle everything from big shows to two events at once," Hoffman said. "I'd put my team up against anybody.

"From big concerts to wedding receptions to meetings in the conference center. My guys are good and I'm proud of them."