The final scope of school district projects approved by the vision team includes adding classrooms and diverse learning spaces to all elementary schools, Dodge City Middle School and the high school.

Around 70 people, mostly school employees, attended the fifth vision meeting to improve Dodge City schools with a bond issue up for a vote on June 25.

The additions to elementary schools include 24 new classrooms with expansion targeted at Soule, Central and Miller for $32.9 million. At Dodge City Middle School, a new competition gym, a sixth grade wing, a seventh/eighth grade multipurpose space, renovation of the auxiliary gym into weights and wrestling rooms and expansion of the dinning area would be built for $16.9 million.

The high school's capacity would expand for 800 more students with a new academic wing with 27 classrooms equaling 92,000 square feet, four career and technical education classrooms, a performing arts small theater and a 12,000 square feet physical education space for $35.8 million.

"The total cost of the project is $85.6 million," Jim French, DLR representative said. "This does not touch everything in the district. Your district has well over a $100 million worth of needs. This is targeted to what your biggest needs are for the community and schools."

Engineer Tom Montgomery said all the projects would take three to four years to complete and estimated work could begin on some of the elementary schools in six months.

An attendee asked if the bond passes whether it's guaranteed the money will only be spent on vision team's proposal.

"The board's intent is to honor this group's proposal," superintendent Alan Cunningham said. "The administration can't change it without the board. We can't use this to put in two more turf fields somewhere else."

The board of education will vote on the proposal 5:30 p.m. on May 4 in the administration building.

Cunningham added that the bond election wouldn't raise taxes, but keep the mill levy the same rather than allow the rate to decrease.