I won't be getting a lot of sleep the next couple of days, but I'm OK with it.

Sleep should be what I'm gaining by moving to Dodge City.

As most of you know, when my family moved to this area, we moved to Minneola. We were able to find a place allowing our pets and it was a safe community for my 20-year-old daughter.

Fast forward a few months and things have changed.

My daughter moved with her boyfriend to North Dakota, my wife had surgery and is still wheelchair bound and it's harder than ever to be 20 miles from work on a daily basis.

So, as you read this, I will be moving into Dodge City.

Most of the people in Minneola have been great. There are a few who believe "Do unto others before they do unto you." But, as a wise city employee of Minneola told me, I can't judge everyone by the mean and cruel actions of a few.

She's right.

Now, the thing is, Minneola is a small town. I've lived in small towns before. The funny thing about small towns is you're an outsider, no matter what.

Everyone is nice, most will wave if they see you and everyone has good things to talk about if they run into you.

But, for a few, if you ain't from around here, I don't trust you.

Others can be fake. They say all the right things at first, but it doesn't last.

Now again, I'm not saying this is how all of Minneola is, just a few.

That being said, I met some great people in Minneola and will be happy to return for sporting events, news events or any other happening in the community.

They have a great hospital and staff, a good medical clinic and friendly grocery store with all the goodies anyone could want and a drug store.

The big news is the opening of a Mexican restaurant soon. That's big for the community since the pizza joint closed down several months ago.

Now, some reasons for my wife and I coming to Dodge City are:

1. My wife's surgical doctor has offices in Dodge City.

2. Great grocery stores, drug stores and Hastings (a place I spend hours in daily.)

3. The chance, every once in a while, of ordering a pizza and having it delivered. (This goes for Jimmy John's as well.)

4. Getting my rummage sale crazed wife to said sales earlier on a Saturday morning.

5. Being able to attend events in and around Dodge City with less traveling involved.

6. More sleep.

That last one is important. I can go to be at the same time I currently am, but can wake up later and still get to work on time.

I can also go home for lunch, get to my wife in case of an emergency easier and, this one is key for me, host a barbecue for co-workers every once in a while.

Plus, that rummage sale crazed wife of mine wants to hold a rummage sale, which gets very little crowds in Minneola.

My boss likes the idea of my being closer to the office in case something happens and I need to be here. Five minutes to work is better than a half hour to get there, especially late at night.

Now, there are some, who will question my leaving a very small, quiet town for Dodge City. They will point to more crime, to people who don't get along or to too many people.

I will point to the fact I can make a run for medicine at Walmart if I have to, I can go out for breakfast, have my pets checked over or enjoy a show at the theater or arena without having to plan on 40 miles round trip and budgeting gas money.

Now, some will also notice that Thursday and Friday are the first two rounds of the NFL Draft and I've advocated in the past for a national holiday.

Yes, I'm moving over the next few days. I will be done on Saturday at the latest.

However, I believe the best thing I can do for my own health and well being is to stop by about 6 p.m. each day to rest, eat and maybe catch the draft.

After all, the cable gets moved Thursday afternoon. I should be ready to relax by 7 p.m.


Roger Bluhm is the managing editor of the Dodge City Daily Globe. He can be reached at rbluhm@dodgeglobe.com or you can follow him on Twitter, @roger_dcglobe.