Dodge City has several road construction projects about to begin and we'd like to take this opportunity to remind our drivers to take care while driving in, and around, these zones.

The Kansas Department of Transportation has announced projects getting under way in surrounding counties for new pavement or repairs to highways as well.

Drivers need to pay attention to speed limits, be aware of one-lane traffic, take care around workers and follow the rules of personnel on site.

A road construction site is dangerous for all involved. There is usually large trucks, many people working in the area and oncoming traffic that may or may not be following a pilot car.

All it takes is one careless driver, one teenager viewing a text or one overly tired or impaired driver to cause mayhem.

A construction zone at night may not seem as dangerous, but if a driver misses a large hole in the pavement, damage to a vehicle, or their person, could be severe.

A mishap during work hours may injure or kill the driver, workers and others nearby.

The reason many states and the federal government run public service ads about "Give A Break" is to make drivers aware of the dangers of road construction. Most work for cities and states is done in the summer and early fall, when it's warm enough for work to be done quicker.

We want to echo these PSA spots. We want all our readers to be aware of road construction and to heed the rules of the road in these areas. Let's make this a safe summer for all drivers, all workers and everyone else. Let's be sure to take our time, be aware of what's happening and be cautious.

Making roads better in Dodge City and the surrounding highways can only help travel conditions and safety.

Let's make sure we don't cause a problem before the roads are fixed.