This week the Doc Holliday statue came to Dodge City. It is a great example of a private and public partnership. The coming together of our community to promote its history in an innovative way.

Most statues are static displays. Our Doc Holliday can be interacted with. Doc sits at a card table with three empty chairs where visitors can sit in on his card game and have their picture taken. That picture will serve as a souvenir to take home with the visitor. They can show their friends that they played cards with the famous Doc Holliday when they were in Dodge City.

This could not have happened without the cooperation of several partnerships both private and public. The City of Dodge City public employees used their skills and equipment to assemble Doc. J.A.G. Construction donated the concrete and the labor to build the pedestal the statue sits on. Brent Magouirk with AutoQuick donated the use of a truck and trailer to transport the Janet Zoble sculpture from Deggingers Foundry in Topeka to Dodge City.

Grants were obtained from “Why Not Dodge” funding and the Mariah Fund to assist in the cost of the sculpture. The Dodge City Trail of Fame created the statue's concept, did the ground work and raised 1/3 of the cost.

Only an hour after the installation was complete a young mother was seen taking pictures of her young son seated with the statue. Now the world can share Doc Holliday when visiting our community.

The Dodge City Trail of Fame wishes to thank everyone in the community for standing tall and bringing this project to fruition.  Much like Wyatt Earp and El Capitan, miniatures of the sculpture are available.  Email to “” to reserve yours. 

Jim Johnson

Dodge City Trail of Fame