City Attorney Brad Ralph launched a campaign yesterday to run for Kansas’ 119th Congressional District.

Ralph’s time in office will be a continuation of his long experience representing the interests and serving the citizens of Dodge City.

During his term as city attorney Ralph supported the community’s recent growth and prosperity. Now, he is ready to bring the same record of success and responsible governing to the state level.

With Ralph’s assistance as city attorney, Dodge City saw an economic resurgence that created more jobs, better schools and an increasing focus on tourism and culture in Southwest Kansas.

"Recent improvements to the quality of Dodge City life, such as the new Long Branch Lagoon, are exciting and I’d like to support more of those developments moving forward," Ralph said in a press release.

"It is time to carry our city’s ideals of responsibility statewide, and I am the leader ready to represent those interests in Topeka. "They tried some untested policies, but it is clear those policies are not working for Kansas and it is time to move forward."

Ralph will provide the leadership needed to meet the state’s obligations to its citizens.

A native son of Dodge City, Ralph learned the importance of public service from his parents, Patricia and Oakley Ralph.

Oakley served as Dodge City’s police chief from 1971 until his retirement in 1996.

Brad Ralph graduated from St. Mary of The Plains College in Dodge City and holds a juris doctor from Washburn University School of Law.

Prior to serving as the city attorney, Ralph practiced with the local firm of Williams Strobel Malone Mason and Ralph for 24 years.

He is a past chairperson of the Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas. His wife Shannon Ralph is a long time teacher at Dodge City High School and 2015 Kansas Teacher of The Year.

Brad and Shannon have been married 34 years and have three adult children, Michael, Jennifer and Kelli.