Change is always happening.

Each day we put out a completely new product. Some of it looks similar, but it’s always fresh, new copy on the pages.

A little more than a week ago the Dodge City Daily Globe started including specialty pages in the newspaper.

These pages are Agriculture, Business, Entertainment, Food, Health, Home and Outdoors. Now for the part where you come in.

We want our readers to send in business briefs, such as promotions, new hires, awards and other information we can print.

For the Home and Health pages, we’d love to print information on classes offered, health training, do-it-yourself projects, gardening or landscape tips, a new doctor joining a practice, new equipment arriving and more.

Our Agriculture page will feature Andrea Burns’ weekly column and information from the Kansas State Extension office and other ag-related stories.

For the Outdoors page, we’ve introduced an outdoors columnist, but we want pictures from local hunters and anglers. We want to run your big catch or your first buck on our outdoors page. Email submissions to sports editor John Zetmeir at or nail to 705 2nd Avenue, Dodge City, KS, 67801.

Got a great recipe and you’re willing to let someone come to take pictures and interview you about the recipe? Get a hold of reporter Gloria Tucker at You can also find the Amish Kitchen column on the Food page each week.

Gloria will also be tackling a Home column on a weekly basis, doing a question-and-answer interview on things such as interior design to sensible landscaping.

The reason we are making these changes is simple — we need to. We have been getting a lot of local information for the newspaper, but we needed to expand what we offered to make sure the local information not only is printed, but easier to find.

We’ve reached out in the area trying to find people willing to write a weekly column for these pages, some of whom have agreed and others who don’t think they have time.

Reporter Vincent Marshall is working on a weekly entertainment column where he will review TV shows, new releases in movies (both theatrical and home entertainment) and maybe even local music events.

We know there are plenty of people who enjoy recipes and trying something new. We know there are people who are considering watching a movie, but want an opinion on it before attending. We know there are people who question certain symptoms of illness or side effects of medicine.

We know many people in agriculture try to stay up on everything in the industry. We know business people — no matter what the business is — deserve recognition.

I think this will be a great way to get more of our readers to invest in our newspaper. After all, we are here for our readers and we want to offer them more ways to enjoy their newspaper.

If anyone has any questions, comments or ideas for other pages, please feel free to send them to me at

I thought of a great idea the other day. I’m thinking a summer-long series of me taking golf lessons from our local golf pros each week. I could get instruction on everything from putting to driving, tee to green, and write it up for the thousands of golfers each week.

Of course, I would be getting the most out of this, as my 18 handicap may drop some. But, as much as I would benefit, so would our readers.

After all, I’m sure all of you would love to hear my progress each week as I try to get better at golf, right?

OK, maybe not. But I am sure there is someone out there with a great idea we could incorporate into our daily editions.


Roger Bluhm is the managing editor of the Dodge City Daily Globe. Follow him on Twitter @roger_dcglobe or email him at