You've heard the stories.

Steven Spielberg filming toy trains running into each other, Paul Thomas Anderson using dual VCRs to edit his movies. All done while under 10 years old.

Same could be said for Ben and Jacob Burghart, brothers from Offerle who are on the verge of making their first feature film.

"We started making 5 to 10 minute short films when were 8 and 10," Ben said in a phone interview. "We used our parents family camcorder and made little movies around the house.

"Then we got older and the equipment got a little more complex."

The Burghart's are in the midst of putting together funding for their first feature film, Follow the Leader.

"It will be our first 90-minute film," Ben said. "We came up with the idea about 9 years ago.

"We wanted to explore more primal fear horror concepts like (Alfred) Hitchcock.

"What if you suddenly lost one of your essential senses at the worst possible moment?

"And when you lose that sense, how the fear of the unknown can affect you, amplifying human fear."

Ben and Jacob will shoot on location near Lawrence and the Kansas City, Kansas area.

Both attending the University of Kansas film program, Ben and Jacob will be using a lot of local crew as well as writer Josh Doke from Goodland.

"Josh wrote and directed a movie called Goodland that they shot in Goodland," Ben said. "We helped him a little with his film and he co-wrote Follow the Leader with us as well.

"We are like a close family because we are all from southwest Kansas."

The Burghart's plan on filming in February once funding for the feature is secured.

"We want to use the money we raise to be able to get a name actor involved," Ben said. "We know we can't get an A-list actor of course but if we can get a name that people would recognize, it would help us in finding a distributor for the film."

The filmmakers currently have a Kickstarter page set up for anyone who would like to contribute.

"For the Kickstarter page we had local actors act out what the film would look like," Ben said. "We shot test footage and took still photos to show the effect we are going for and the proof of concept.

"Once we are done we will try the festival circuit that specialize in genre films to find a distributor."

To make a contribution to Follow the Leader, visit