We all know the power of social media. We’ve seen what it is capable of — both negative and positive.

Lately, it’s gotten downright ugly.

The Dodge City Law coaches and staff are being destroyed on social media with accusations far and wide. Come on Dodge City, we’re better than this.

The Law have been in Dodge City for 4 years. They’ve had a loyal fan base, until what appeared to be a historical season was taken away by a Champions Indoor Football league ruling stripping two of the team’s wins and putting the Law on the road for the playoffs. Wrong or right ruling, it destroyed the season and ended the fans’ hopes for a home playoff game.

The hurt and anger of the league’s decision carried over with some. Law officials were blasted by fans — and some players — over social media.

Our question is this — why? We verified players were paid. We understand a lot more than many others do. We asked questions, checked with team and league officials and looked into everything said on social media.

We also didn’t run any story because there is no story. Rumors and lies were circulated and widely spread. Now, this community’s football program is in danger. Law officials have several choices.

The first choice is to continue moving forward as a member of the community and hope more fans start showing up again.

The second choice is to sell the team to new ownership who may, or may not, keep the team in Dodge City.

The third choice is to move the team to a new location giving a new city a chance to support the team.

The fourth option is to simply disband.

We believe in the Law ownership and encourage all our readers to contact them to express continued support for the team.

This is a case where people have been hurt by social media and the lies spread about them. They are trying to stay above it all, but are struggling with it. Let them know the Law is important to Dodge City.

We ask that all businesses in Dodge City be supported by residents. Why should the local professional team be any different? Stand up for the Law, support the Law and ask the Law to stay.

Just like entertainment acts which come to United Wireless Arena, when we attend shows it makes it easier for bigger acts to come. If we attend Law games, it makes the season — and the future — much easier for our professional sports franchise.