There seems to be some confusion about Kiowa County Media Center.

"We are not losing our funding from the county," said Grant Neuhold, creative director of the center. "We have always gotten money from the county, but it seems since I started here in 2010, we lost $5,000 a year in funding from the county.

"Last year we got $35,000, so this year, we’ve requested $60,000 but haven’t heard back on the request."

Neuhold said some people have concluded there is a battle brewing between the media center and the county commission.

"There is no controversy or battle," Neuhold said. "The county gives us a great space in a great building to work out of and we don’t pay rent or utilities.

"I’m just trying to work out a way to get back to the levels we were at a few years ago and stop the trend of losing $5,000 per budget."

Kiowa County Media Center is a communications directive which arose after the tornado of 2007. According to Neuhold the center does everything from websites to IT to video production and more.

"A lot of what we do is education based," he said. "We work alongside teachers in the school district and work on graphic design and many more applications.

"We also do video presentations, live broadcasts over the internet and much more."

Many people throughout the county use the services of Kiowa County Media Center.

"I don’t know a lot about what’s going on, but I think they do a lot of good," said Julie Keeton of Kiowa County Pharmacy. "It would be hard for them to continue on if their funding is cut."

While the media center does a lot of outside work — from repairs to documentary film work — what’s brought in isn’t enough.

"We still need the county’s help to do everything we do and everything we can do," Neuhold said. "I’ve talked with each of the commissioners and made sure they understand we want to continue to work with them, not against them.

"We just need to stop the bleeding every year. We believe the county knows what we do for the area and we know they want to continue working with us, so we’re hopeful."


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