On Tuesday our nation turns 241 and we celebrate another year of democracy and freedom.

As we celebrate, we ask that everyone be safe.

Fireworks are dangerous, especially for children. Use fireworks responsibly, have adults present and in charge of lighting.

Public places are illegal for the lighting of fireworks, including streets. Fireworks aren’t allowed in Dodge City until Saturday, so take heed. Police officers will be on the lookout for those not adhering to city ordinances.

Barbecues and gatherings are common place on Independence Day, but there are safety issues. Make sure to use sun screen if outside for long periods of time. Also, drink plenty of water and wear a hat it possible. Severe sun burns and heat stroke can occur quickly, so be aware prior to partaking.

If drinking alcohol, don’t drive. Fo some reason many people believe a holiday is an excuse to drink. While that isn’t a bad thing, it is if that person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle or watercraft. In many states, driving a watercraft while intoxicated carries the same legal penalty as a DUI. It’s also as dangerous as driving a vehicle while drunk.

While as a nation we have survived 241 years — and that is cause for celebrating — we ask that everyone take precautions with their fun.

There’s an old saying, "It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt." We ask everyone to do what they can to make sure this Independence Day is nothing but "fun and games."

Stay safe. Enjoy the holiday.