Sen. Pat Roberts is a longtime member of Congress and the chairman of the Senate Agricultural Committee.

To new President Donald Trump Roberts is "Farm Guy."

According to Roberts, this is how Trump refers to him after meeting with the president concerning crop insurance.

"But, he listened to me," Roberts said of Trump. "I’m still not sure he knows my name, but he knows what I do."

Roberts made the comment as part of a Washington, D.C. update sponsored by the High Plains Journal and the Dodge City/Area Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday morning at High Plains Journal.

"We’re working hard on getting a Farm Bill passed later this year," the senator told the crowd. "We don’t want to have to go to the 2018 session because that’s an election year and all kinds of things might happen.

"So, I’ve asked the leadership to give me two days later this session to get everything done."

Roberts said one of the reasons he met with the president was on exports. According to Roberts, two of the key exports right now are peanuts and cotton.

"Peanuts are really getting good prices," he said. "I didn’t know this until I met some farmers in Alabama.

"But we need better exports for corn, wheat and beef. We need these markets to open up."

Roberts suggested infrastructure was another area of need, but that as of yet there is no groundwork for a bill to be considered.

The senator spoke about former US senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole being given the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor.

"It took me just 2 and a half days to get 100 senators on board," Roberts said. "Bob still carries a lot of weight in Washington.

"Plus, I’m the chairman of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Monument Committee and we’re moving forward on that as well."

After the meeting Roberts took some questions from media. He expressed the need for politicians to work together on passing new legislation and thought Trump would not change.

"He is who he is," the senator said of the president. "We need to work with him to get things done."

When asked if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was in trouble — based on recent comments by Trump — Roberts was quick to answer.

"No," he said emphatically. "McConnell still has everyone’s respect in the Senate."


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