Hurricane Harvey.

By now the name is said the same way Hurricane Katrina was after 2005.

A category 4 hurricane, Harvey made landfall in Texas on Aug. 25 dropping estimates of 40 inches of rain over the next 4 days according to reports that caused extensive and massive flood damage.

Now local residents are gathering supplies to take to hurricane victims near Houston.

"We have family in Houston," Julia Romero of Dodge City said. "Everyone is OK and my sister is helping at a shelter but we wanted to help."

Julia, along with husband Angel Romero of Romero Stucco, set up a trailer in the parking lot of Ashley's Furniture in south Dodge City Thursday night to gather donations to take to Houston.

By Friday, the trailer was nearly full.

"We just set it up and it was great to see everyone bring things," Julia said. "We had people bringing pallets of things.

"The people are really great."

Angel added, "I have an uncle in Houston that is helping with shelters and churches in the area. We hope to take this down on Saturday, drop it off and hopefully come back and gather more things to take down to people.

"We are just doing our part."

Some of the items gathered have been water, toilet paper, canned foods, pet food, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap.

"We are very appreciative of what people have been able to bring," Angel said. "I think we will be full by Saturday."

Across town near Taylor's Roadhouse on west Wyatt Earp Boulevard, Austin Camacho set up a trailer on Aug. 30 for people to bring donations to be taken to Houston.

Autumn Rhodes and Vivian Esplund were at the donation trailer on Friday helping Camacho.

"My mom is down there helping through rapid response for All Hands Volunteers," Rhodes said. "One thing people down there have been asking about have been cleaning supplies and mosquito repellent.

"The mosquitos are awful down there."

Like the Romero's, Rhodes said any donations are needed such as the canned goods, water, etc.

Rhodes did mention some of the best ways to donate certain clothes are to donate them still in the packaging.

"If you donate say a package of baby socks," she said. "The are new and they also have the size of the socks on the front.

"Sometimes it can be hard to find the right sizes for clothes when they are in a big pile."

The Camacho trailer will be taken to Houston once it is filled to capacity.

In a press release from the Dodge City Community College, the athletic department will be collecting specific disaster relief items at the Sept. 9 football game against Texas Institute of Agriculture and Technology. "Texas A&T is located just south of Houston and has been greatly impacted by Hurricane Harvey," DCCC sports information director Kyle Patrick said. "Fans will be able to bring these items to either the north or south entrance of Memorial Stadium and the items will be loaded directly into a truck."

The items DCCC is requesting are: toiletries, cleaning supplies, diapers, jars of baby food, socks and bug spray.

"After the game," Patrick said. "All of these items will be put on the Texas A&T team bus and taken directly back to Houston, Texas."

Another need Rhodes said was a necessity was gasoline.

"People are having to drive hours to find places to get gasoline," she said. "So to help out, All Hands will match dollar for dollar, all money donations made to their website and they will give 100 percent of those donations to hurricane relief.

"It won't be just for gas, it will be for everything."

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