At the city commission meeting Monday night, officers of the Dodge City Police Department Citizens Auxiliary were honored by DCPD Chief Drew Francis and the commission.

"They are an invaluable service to our city," Francis said. "Since 1996 when the program started, auxiliary officers have logged 30,886 hours which comes to $500,000 man-hours.

"This year alone they logged 3,972 hours and $75,000 man-hours based on the average salary of police officers."

Francis added that the auxiliary is nearing fully-staffed with 20 of the 25 positions filled.

Francis awarded Magaly Nivia for 5 years of service, Janet Kelley for 100-plus hours of service in a calendar year and 10 years of service and Pat and Bill Mercado for 20 years of service along with Greg Addison with 20 years of service who retired last year.

Other that exceeded the 100-plus service hours in a year were Jeralyn Myers, Jose Garcia, Marissa Martinez, Keith Tallent and Darin Jester.

"I'd like thank you guys for your invaluable service to us," Francis said. "We thank you for your service, support in the community and on the streets."

In city business, commissioners approved a resolution for the sale and conveyance of Industrial Revenue Bonds to Kimbroy's Properties LLC for the construction of the Best Western Inn and Suites on Wyatt Earp.

"The conveyance title is to go back to Best Western to complete the transaction," city finance director Nannette Pogue said. "The bonds are paid off and Best Western now owns the property."

Commissioners also approved to cancel a Community Incentive District sales tax for the Heritage District near Santa Fe Plaza.

"The property is located on east Wyatt Earp and the developers have been requesting an extension every year for the CID," Pogue said. "At this time the developers are not ready to proceed with the development and we request the CID be cancelled until development is ready."

The CID cancellation was approved unanimously. Commissioner Kent Smoll was not present at the meeting and did not vote.

Commissioners also approved the submission of a 5311 public transportation grant with local match for $421,005 for operations which includes $78,670 for dispatch and $13,120 for a minibus replacement.

Commissioners also approved a bid from Building Solutions for $42,407.11 for a Heritage District sign that will go in at the southwest corner of 4th Avenue and Wyatt Earp Boulevard just south of the railroad tracks.

"The sign is part of the development agreement which includes brick and stone materials consistent with the area," parks and recreation director Paul Lewis said. "We will need to submit quotes for the electric and panels."

The funds will come from the growth fund not to exceed $60,000.

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