The Dodge City Commission will be remaining intact.

In the local election on Tuesday, incumbents Brian Delzeit, Joyce Warshaw and E. Kent Smoll both were voted to remain on the commission.

The top two vote getter's Delzeit and Warshaw, will be on the commission for 4 years with Smoll serving a 2-year term.

"I am pretty excited to still be on the team," Delzeit said. "It is exciting to be elected to continue to lead the community."

Smoll, who was at the Southwest Kansas Coalition meeting in Washington D.C. said, "It just shows that the city is going in a positive direction.

"It is good to be at the front of leading the city where it is going."

By the end of this next term, Smoll will have served on the city commission for 21 years.

"Here in D.C. we are learning a lot of good things to bring back to the city," he said. "I was one of two representatives of Dodge City that came over along with two from Garden City and two from Liberal.'

Warshaw, who was also voted in to the USD 443 board of education, says she will remain with the city.

"That is where my allegiance is," she said. "I couldn't get my name off the board of education ballot in time but the city is where I want to be and I am glad to still be going with the team.

"We work together so well and they are great people to be working with.

"When I went to the county to complete my paperwork for the commission, there were not enough signed up for the school board to fill the empty positions.

"I signed up for both just in case enough candidates didn't sign up to fill one board or the other.

"Even though I would love to serve both entities, it is not practical to adequately serve the constituents.

"I appreciate the voters for putting their trust and faith in me to remain on the commission."

The votes for city commission were: Delzeit 1,110; Warshaw 991; Smoll 839; Keith Gwaltney 833; Charles Sellens 523 and Liliana Zuniga 388.

Zuniga had dropped out of the race after the ballot deadline due to medical reasons.

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