Scheduled flights are set to resume January 1, 2018, as Boutique Air will begin their stay as the new Essential Air Service at Dodge City Regional Airport.

In a press release from Boutique Air, the airline was awarded the Department of Transportation EAS contract to fly between Dodge City and Denver, Colorado.

The contract was made possible with support from Dodge City officials and surrounding communities.

"The City of Dodge City is pleased to have Boutique Air as our new EAS partner," said Mayor Rick Sowers said in a press release from Boutique Air. "Dodge City’s economy has a strong connection with our commercial air service and we are very eager to begin flights from Dodge City to Denver with affordable rates and convenient scheduling.

"Air service out of Dodge City is vital to the area and helps support local jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity in southwest Kansas."

The flight schedule will be daily round-trips between Dodge City and Denver with fares starting at $59.

The Dodge City Commission approved the agreement to make Boutique Air the new EAS after the previous EAS, PenAir, filed Chapter 11 restructuring and closed their Denver hub which Dodge City was a part of.

"On Sept. 12 the Department of Transportation received four proposals for the EAS service," airport manager Corey Keller said previously. "It is the recommendation that we accept the proposal of Boutique Air."

Boutique Air will offer 18 weekly round-trip flights with a total subsidy of $3,621,182 annually to the Federal Department of Transportation.

According to the agreement, there would be three flights per day with two on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The plane in use would be a 9-seater Pilatus PC-12, which is noticeably smaller than the 32-seater used with PenAir.

Boutique Air aircraft feature reclining leather seats, power outlets, a pressurized cabin, enclosed lavatory and a top speed of 300 mph according to the press release.

Boutique Air has routes throughout Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah and is a FAA-certified air carrier that provide both air charter and scheduled services.

Visit or call 855-268-8478 to make reservations.

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