A pickup truck was the cause of a morning fire near Dodge City Regional Airport on Thursday that ignited near by hay bails and grass.

According to Dodge City Deputy Fire Chief Ken Spencer, the truck could have had a hot catalytic converter that caused the flames due to the dry weather.

"It happens more often than you would think," Spencer said. "A truck simply driving through a very dry area could spark a fire."

According to Dodge City National Weather Service Meteorologist Larry Ruthi, for the next week to 10 days, the dry weather will continue.

"We have a very dry northwest air flow coming off the Rockies to the area and the environment is favorable for more fires to occur," he said. "There is a chance around Dec. 18-19 that could transition into  some precipitation and be a little more active but it doesn't look very ominous.

"We could also see some precipitation around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which could make people happy getting their white Christmas.

"But as dry as it is, any time the wind blows could easily increase our chances of fires to burn.

"This weather pattern could also go into January."

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