On Saturday, Dec. 2, the DC3 STEM Club traveled to Hutchinson to spend the day at the Kansas Cosmosphere.

DC3 STEM activities coordinator Hunter Henderson, was able to take nine students on the trip.

While there, the students had the opportunity to view the Planetarium, build and launch rockets, participate in astronomy-based activities such as solar and sun spot observation and learn about spectral analysis.

They were also able to view live experiments in Dr. Goddard’s lab, play with liquid oxygen, and learn all about the findings of Goddard and how NASA still uses those findings today.

A special highlight of their trip was that the students were able to see Buzz Aldrin’s NASA Academy letterman’s jacket.

When asked what she hoped students got out of the trip, Henderson replied, "I hope the students learned more about our solar system, how it relates to our everyday lives, and the history of space travel and how far we’ve come.

"I also hope that it served as an inspiration to them to never give up on their dreams no matter how big they are."