Several types of businesses, commonly known as limited liability companies that were exempt from certain taxes in recent years are now subject to being taxed again but those operators can use a tax credit to reduce their liability.

The Dodge City Area Arts Council is a tax-exempt organization and a gift will provide a 50 percent state tax credit.

The council oversees the Carnegie Center for the Arts.

"A tax credit to help a local entity like the Dodge City Area Arts Council is an investment to directly assist those who help serve a community need rather than sending those tax dollars to Topeka," said Dave Bergmeier, president of the Dodge City Area Arts Council.

A tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of income owed to the state of Kansas.

The taxpayer is also eligible for a federal tax deduction.

For example, if a Kansas taxpayer has made a donation to the Carnegie’s 50 percent State Tax Credit program of $500, he would be eligible to take $250 off his 2017 state income tax.

This reduction would be taken after all other deductions had been taken.

Eligible businesses include: sole proprietorships, S Corporations and individual stock holders, owners of rental property, banks and financial institutions, partnerships and individuals, farm and ranch owners, corporations, trust and insurance companies.

The funds raised will be used for sustaining and maintaining the Carnegie building.

Please consult professional tax advisors and/or accountants as they are able to help guide people through the tax credit program.

The Dodge City Area Arts Council, 701 N. Second Avenue, Dodge City, KS 67801, must receive the check by Dec. 31, to qualify for the 2017 tax credits.

For more information, people may contact Dave Bergmeier during regular business hours at 620-227-1822, a board member or Kent Stehlik at 620-255-0380.