Since 1993, the Manna House in Dodge City has been assisting families and individuals in need.

Along with shelter, the Manna House provides food assistance that has been donated from local churches, organizations and individuals.

On Thursday ITC, the energy transmission company, made a sponsorship with Manna House, adding a check of $1,000 to go towards operational expenses and food purchases.

"We have been wanting to work with Manna House for quite some time," ITC regional manager Kim Goodnight said. "I have known Steve (Tabor) for several years now and recognize the work he has done with the Manna House and the community.

"The volunteers he has taken on as well as the people in the community they have helped, we wanted to recognize their efforts."

According to Manna House director Tabor, from October 2016 through November 2017, Manna House has had 3,332 people come to their food pantry which includes, 854 men, 886 women, 1,592 children and 924 families.

"The food pantry is for people that need help," Tabor said. "We do it on their honor, all we ask for is a photo ID.

"If you need it, come in and get it."

Tabor also said that just this holiday season, 164 people have come in for help.

"The schools in the area donate food to us once a month," he said. "They rotate between the schools each time because if we had all the schools donating at one time, we'd have no place to store the food."

Along with the food pantry, Manna House offers temporary housing shelter for those in need.

"We are a short-term emergency shelter," Tabor said. "We usually have people stay no more than three nights and we have two staff members on hand that will stay with them.

"We have men's quarters, women's as well as room for a family if its needed."

One thing Manna House board president John Askew said he has noticed has been that, "The more help we give people, the more help we get back.

"We had a lot of volunteers help us with remodeling from painting to the new flooring, a new fence outside and heating and air conditioning.

"The community stepped up and help us in a big way and we appreciate all their help.

"As much food as we give out to people, more seems to come back in."

Goodnight added, "Being involved as a business is important to us because it betters the community."

The Manna House is a member of the United Way and is a volunteer-based organization.

Any monetary donations can be mailed directly to the Manna House at 1012 First Avenue in Dodge City.

Monetary or food donations can also be made in-person.

"We never will turn anyone away that needs help," Tabor said. "I would like to thank the community and the public for all their help from all the businesses and schools and individuals that have helped us help others."

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