The Santa Fe II housing development broke ground on Friday.

The additional housing units located near Avenue H and Brier Street, will bring 32 housing units to Dodge City as well as 20 town homes and a 12-unit apartment complex.

"These will be low-income units," special projects coordinator Mollea Wainscott said. "Tenants must be at 60 percent or below of area median income.

"The estimated completion date is 8 to 10 months."

Senior vice president of development at Gardner Capital, Mike Williams, Steve Dechant with Interfaith Housing, Dodge City Commissioner Jan Scoggins, Kansas Representative Brad Ralph, economic development director JoAnn Knight and Dennis Mesa with Kansas Housing Resources Corporation, spoke at the ground breaking ceremony.

"We have a lot of projects in a lot of states," Williams said. "But I  can't think of a community that has been easier to work with and more accommodating than Dodge City.

"You know it takes a village to create a project like this."

According to Wainscott, a housing assessment will be updated with the latest housing project and results on the status of the city's housing needs will be ready by March 2018.

Dechant added, "Interfaith Housing provides safe, clean and affordable housing and builds hope for families.

"As we celebrate this project we need to acknowledge the housing staff and thank them for all of their hard work."

The main concept Mesa brought attention to was the team concept and partnerships from all the entities involved.

"We've assembled the best talent within all these groups," Mesa said. "All of these groups coming together for Dodge City will continue to make the future strong, now and into the future."

Wainscott added, "The co-developer, Interfaith Housing Services, has been a positive asset to Dodge City for many years.

"We are really excited for this housing development, it will be a nice addition to the Santa Fe I apartments."

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