A few Ford County departments were able to use surplus funds to upgrade and replace equipment on Monday.

County commissioners approved several purchases requested by the Ford County Attorney's Office, Ford County Sheriff's Office and Ford County Communications.

The county attorney's office will be getting new computers to replace their previous ones with an expected life expectancy of 4 years.

"Unfortunate circumstances left us with a budget surplus," county attorney Kevin Salzman said. "The new computers would update our entire system and make our office more productive."

Ford County Detention Center will be getting a new mobile radio service that would, according to Sheriff Bill Carr, be in line with the new county radio system that went live recently.

"It is a budgeted line item of $43,424.48," Carr said.

The jail also was approved for a new fingerprint machine that allows for better palm prints to be registered.

The line item for the fingerprint machine would be for $23,780.70.

Ford County Communications was granted Priority Dispatch training that will, according to Ford County Communications director Elliot Linke, bring Ford County ahead with Kansas training recommendations.

"The program would be all we would need to do for 911 calls, our software, our books and everything else."

The software and training program would be for $178,168.

Linke added that the communications budget surplus was due to the staff shortage in the department that took place the first 5 months of the year.

Commissioners also approved a change order for better mapping of the new radio system for the noxious weed, Ford County Fire and EMS and road and bridge departments.

The change order would be for department heads to better track the use of their vehicles to better manage their fleets, remotely.

All approvals were made by the county commissioners unanimously.

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