Every year, the Diamond Athletics team make a donation to a group in southwest Kansas for Christmas.

This year, according to Director of Diamond Athletics Valerie Heston, the Southwest Kansas Diaper Bank was the donation stop.

"We partnered with the Southwest Kansas Diaper Bank and the Human Society this year," Heston said. "We like to help a different group every year and have been doing this for the past 10 years.

"Last year we made a donation to the fire department."

Heston said the team gathered donations from Nov. through Dec. 15.

"The diaper bank partners with different groups throughout southwest Kansas and locations are set up for families to pick up diapers if they are need," Heston said. "Families can pick up a 12-pack of diapers and get a little extra assistance.

"We also made our donations to the Animal Shelter's in Ford and Finney County.

"We gathered donations of any animal items to donate to the shelters."

With 120 student-athletes on the Diamond Athletics, Heston said the team members look forward to the donations every year.

"It is for a very good cause," she said. "With 120 students getting donations from people you can get a lot of stuff back.

"They really get into helping people in the community."

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